Humble HarvestSHARE Hist-Oracle

HarvestSHARE began in 2013 as a community centered festival celebrating Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) by 3rd generation people of color in East Denver as part of a LiveWell Community grant.  The inspiration was to encourage people of color to grow produce again at their family homesteads, and share their harvest in a celebration in the parks they grew up and reclaim space they were losing through gentrification. 

This festival celebrates the healthy communities their great grandparents created that was known as “The Harlem of the West” and remind them to reclaim their birthright that made Denver the wealthiest Black Middle Class in the US.  This festival has always been for the people that live within 3 blocks of the 8 parks (Schafer Park, Mestizo-Curtis Park, Russell Square, Dr. Alan Hale-Williams, Fredrick Douglas, Madame CJ Walker, George Morrison, St. Charles Place Park) and 2 cultural landmarks (Frank’s Food Mart and East Denver YMCA) where HarvestSHARE has been.

HarvestSHARE is the Eastside Denver community and in 2021 is ready to invite the entire city into our community to see that we will not be displaced because our roots are too deep for gentrification to be able to extract.  Our community has experienced the 12th fastest gentrification in the country since the 1st HarvestSHARE, but we persist.  Now is the time to share our resilience and invite all of the Denver to come HEAL at our unique festival in 6 Parks, & 1 Farm in 1 Day walking festival.

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