HarvestSHARE: Social Easin’ 2022

The 10th Annual 2022 HarvestSHARE: Social Easin’ 6 Parks 1 Farm 1 Day

HarvestSHARE is a community  gathering where people bring excess harvest from their gardens to share with neighbors and HEAL the community by engaging in Healthy Eating Active Living activities that generate Random Gestures of Compassion in Denver parks.

HarvestSHARE is about community coming together to share knowledge and food.  HarvestSHARE “teaches people to fish” by sharing excess harvest, teaching organic gardening, demonstrating how to prepare produce, and connecting people with resources to raise garden beds since the Spring of 2014 celebrating HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living).

Now, it is time for the 10th Annual HarvestSHARE: Social Easing 6 Parks in 1 Day and 1 Farm Walking Festival on September 17, 2021

6 Parks:

1. George Morrison Park: My Outdoor Colorado Outdoor Wellness Experience

2.   Dr. Daniel Hale-Williams Park- The BASIC Project Revival with Community Outreach Service Center

3.    Fredrick Douglas Park: Opalanga Pugh- Griot Storytellin’

4.    Madame CJ Walker Park: Moyo Nguvu Afro-Cuban Dance and Drums

5.    Fuller Park: MACM-Make a Competitive Move

6.    St. Charles Place Park: HEAL Zone: Healthy Eating Active Living   

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