The 10th Annual HarvestSHARE: Social Easin’ 6 Parks 1 Day

Saturday September 17 2022

The 10th Annual HarvestSHARE is the Eastside inviting all of Denver to take a walk on the East5ide social easin’ a HEAL vibe to celebrate belonging and healing among those who have been 5 Points displaced and those that have remained for generations.

HarvestSHARE connects 6 Eastside parks and closes 20 blocks to celebrate Healthy Eating Active Living with each park hosted by a community centered nonprofit. 2022 activities include Moyo Nguvu Afro-Cuban drum workshops, My Outdoor Colorado, MACM, Mo Betta Green, ViVe Wellness, GRASP, Wyatt Academy Kid Zone, DJs and more.

HarvestSHARE is the Eastside Denver community inviting the Greater Denver Metro area to social ease and celebrate belonging and healing with family and friends. HarvestSHARE is a community gathering where people bring excess harvest from their gardens to share with neighbors and HEAL the community by engaging Healthy Eating Active Living activities to generate Random Gestures of Compassion in Denver parks.

HarvestSHARE began in 2013 as a community centered festival celebrating Healthy Eating Active Living. This festival has always been for the people that live within 3 blocks of the 8 parks where HarvestSHARE has been held. (Schafer Park, Mestizo-Curtis Park, Russell Square Park, Dr. Alan Hale-Williams Park, Fredrick Douglas Park, Madame CJ Walker Park, George Morrison Sr. Park, St Charles Place Park and 2 Eastside Landmarks: Franks Food Mart and East Denver YMCA).

HarvestSHARE has greatly expanded its event footprint the last 3 years to include 6 parks,1 farm,1 school and 20 block street closures. The intended impact this year is to bring more people from the Greater Denver Metro to “social ease” after two years of pandemic-related separation and social division. HarvestSHARE is a collective impact festival with each park hosting a community centered organization led by people of color. 

Published by Make a Chess Move-MACM

The mission of Make a Chess Move-MACM is to build a just society by developing tenacious learners, compassionate leaders, and ethically-driven critical thinkers,

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